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Get this look for LESS: Taylor Swift

Posted by Katie A, Filthy Rich on

Taylor Swift has a dazzling ability to pull off absolutely anything she wears, her style has always been admired from her cowboy boots days to her recent glamourous and mature outfits. Her cute feminine street style to her elegant red carpet looks have always been copied. Here’s how you can get that Taylor Swift vibe using our jewellery.

For the 2014 Grammy Awards, Taylor looked amazing in a silver Gucci dress. Her hair was pulled back into an adorable ponytail which brought attention to her Lorraine Schwartz earrings. The sparkly earrings and dress made a big impact matched with glittery eye makeup. You can emulate this look easily with these cushion drop earrings inspired by Taylor’s Grammy look. You can create that same glitzy look without the same price and with a special 25% OFF until 16.01.16 (use code TAYLOR20 at the checkout), there isn’t a better time to treat yourself to these!

The earrings also have a gorgeous matching pendant if you really want to add more glamour to your outfit.

Another time Taylor’s accessories stole the show was at the Golden Globe awards this year. Taylor wore another pair of Lorraine Schwartz earrings, this time in the form of stunning white and yellow statement earrings, while still look beautifully feminine. You can get a copy of these summer bloom earrings, they are the perfect accessory for those brighter outfits these earrings also have 10% off until, perfect if you’re looking for that girly, sweet accessory.

The summer bloom earrings showcase Taylor’s signature floral style. She is often seen wearing flowery outfits with the jewellery to match. This floral bloom statement necklace would not only match the earrings but on its own also creates that girly and upbeat look. All these pieces show that you don’t need to break the balance and have a gang full of super models and singers for Swifty’s glamorous style. 






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