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August Birthday Girl: Mila Kunis

Posted by Katie A, Filthy Rich on

Mila Kunis celebrated her birthday on the 14th August. She became a household name at the young age of 14, and since then we’ve all been able to see her style transform from cute boot cut jeans and crop tops to sultry red carpet dresses, seeing her go from a teenage dream girl to a grown up beauty queen. Her jewellery is always an important part to her style, always beautifully chosen to accentuate her clothes.

Perhaps her most memorable and beautiful accessory was her engagement ring she received from Ashton Kutcher. This $25,000 ring was simple and classic, however it was extremely striking with an amazing 5 carat diamond in the centre. Kutcher did a perfect job at picking a timeless and minimalist ring for his love which will look flawless with anything Kunis chooses to wear. If you desire this replica of Mila’s engagement ring, this stunning solitaire ring will be an elegant and classic addition to your jewellery collection. This ring also has a happy birthday Mila 10% OFF treat until 31st August 2015 (with code "MILA10").

Another unforgettable jewellery moment for Kunis was in 2013 when Gemfields announced that the Hollywood star would be their global ambassador. As the new cover girl for the jewellery company, the actress modelled with the accessories made from emeralds – a traditional stone with a contemporary twist. The first shots of Mila and the Gemfields jewellery featured her sporting an impressive emerald necklace and also a startling pair of emerald earrings.

Emeralds are an everlastingly stylish gem and will always have such a huge impact, they are so unique and loved by many celebrities. This emerald bracelet sparkles and glistens and looks like it has come straight from the Gemfields shoot. These halo studs are also just as stunning as the bracelet and will look amazing paired together. Both of these will perfectly reproduce Mila’s impeccable Gemfields photoshoot. 


Mila .925 Solitaire Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy First Lady Emerald Bracelet

Blake Emerald Flower Studs

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