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Happy Birthday Cameron Diaz!

Posted by Katie A, Filthy Rich on

Today we celebrate the amazing Cameron Diaz’s birthday. The well-known actress also used to be a fashion model which in-turn kick started her amazing career. She is the ultimate Californian girl with an easy-going style which has been imitated by her many fans. She’s always been a fashion inspiration modelling for big designer names like Calvin Klein and Levis. The Charlies Angels star always accessorises her red carpet looks with diamond jewellery which glistens and catches the eye effortlessly.

For instance, at the Oscars in 2012 Diaz opted for a dazzling diamond necklace. Diaz also attended the 79th Annual Academy awards and teamed her beautiful white dress with gorgeous diamond bracelets, they made a big statement and helped the actress really steal the show. This elegant simple crystal bangle inspired by Cameron Diaz has a similar dazzling for much less money. This cute little addition will definitely wow people and is so easy to wear. You could try stacking multiple of these onto one wrist for an even bigger effect or mix and match your bracelets to fit your taste. As this bracelet is simple it creates a laid-back vibe which Diaz is known for. This item also has 10% OFF until 14th September 2015 (use discount code CAMERON10 at the checkout), so why not treat yourself to this angelic bracelet.

Another popular jewellery item which Diaz has been spotted wearing multiple times is a double stranded necklace. Multi-stranded necklaces are becoming a big trend – they look unique and are extremely adaptable for any occasion. Diaz has often been spotted wearing hers very casually. You can get your own with this beautiful solitaire pendant. Again creating a relaxed, Californian feel with a loser and more free effect.

Another style which Cameron Diaz works is matching her jewellery. At many events her earrings and necklaces have matched, this can really draw attention to you and adds an aura or sophistication and perfectionism to your style. These royal blue earrings have a matching pendant and ring, these all teamed together will radiate elegance and make your outfit look really put-together.  


Liz Pendant

Royal pendant

Royal Engagement Ring

Royal Engagement Earrings

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