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October Birthday Girl Katy Perry!

Posted by Katie A, Filthy Rich on

Our October Birthday Girl - Katy Perry is known for her own fun personal fashion. She constantly looks stunning whether on stage or on a red carpet and her accessories always match her quirky personality. You can get Katy’s same style with these jewellery pieces.

For the Clive Davis pre Grammy party in 2013 Katy really did steal the show. Her dress was beautifully different and quite literally looked like she had a dress made out of pearls. She matched this with a pair of Misaki pearl earrings. You don’t need a dress made out of pearls however, these elegant pearl drop earrings will be enough. They transform a casual outfit to make it look more sophisticated and elegant, or for a big day like a wedding for instance, these would look perfect. They also get a Happy Birthday Katy special 10% OFF until 25 November 2015 ( use code KATYP10 at the checkout). They would make a really special gift to spoil somebody, or yourself with.

If you do feel like you aren’t quite wearing enough pearls then this butterfly pearl pendant and this Pearl Le Fleur ring will be perfect. It will match your earrings and would be great for a special day. You don’t need a dress made out of pearls to look have all eyes on you.

Katy is known for her big bold statement outfits usually paired with unconventional jewellery. You can make an impression like Katy does with big statement accessories. This Floral Bloom statement necklace would make a big impact to your outfit, its unique style and bright colours will make sure you have that Katy flair.

Another distinctive statement piece that wouldn’t look out of place on Katy is this stunning amethyst orbit cocktail ring. The colour and design of this ring is really eye catching and would completely transform an outfit, a powerful ring like this is a must have for any wardrobe.  







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